Mahmoud Sarsak 80 – 0 Israel

Mahmoud Sarsak is playing the hardest match of his life. His opponent is ruthless, barbaric and has broken all the rules of fair play. They have committed fouls after fouls without any referee to show them a red card or any official to blow a whistle. Despite all that, the Palestinian national football team player has scored so far 80 goals. Only this time he is not playing a game of football but a game with his life. And the score he is doing are on each day with his empty stomach.

An unmatched Super-Star

I am a fan of Real Madrid football team but I can’t imagine what would have happened if Christian Ronaldo went on hunger strike in his home country! The media would have relentlessly covered the story night and day and who knows Portugal government might be toppled before the day is over. Is it Mahmoud’s fault that he isn’t a super star or that he didn’t play for a famous club? Thus the media doesn’t bother, FIFA doesn’t bother, and Arab and Muslim world doesn’t bother. So he is scoring in empty gallery without anyone there to shout for him, to scream for him, to support for him, to cheer for him. As a result Zionist regime of Israel, pathetic of a nation that they are, can still keep on playing their dirty game on the field cause there is no one there to blow the whistle. No one there to say, the game is over Israel. So we all are wondering in despair when Mahmoud Sarsak would be able to leave the field with the victory trophy in his hand! When would his parents be able to hug him with the joy of his victory in their smile! But Israel would rather be happy to see him go off the field not with the trophy of freedom but rather in a body bag hoping they won’t have to bear the shame of defeat.

Try as you may Israel, but you have already lost and you know that. It is because the law of humanity is unknown to you, because you are a nation without sense of justice, reason or compassion. You are now driven with fear, fear of the guilt that you have been committing for decades after decades. The temporary power that you enjoy has given you a false sense of security. So you have come up with systems such as “administrative detention” where you lock up people without ever letting them know the supposed crime they have committed. Even the most primitive societies on earth would have felt ashamed of such acts. Because morality is a thing we are born with, you have lost that.

We know that justice delayed is justice denied. So let us scream for Mahmoud Sarsak, that we are witnessing him. That his defiance against a ruthless opposition is not going unnoticed. That his struggles are not going in vain. Let us scream till it reaches to the deaf ears of Israel. Let us honor Mahmoud Sarsak…… a true Super Star.

Shahd Abusalama’s drawing dedicated to Mahmoud Sarsak.

Shahd Abusalama:

 I dedicated this drawing of mine to those who refuse to let their life’s dignity be compromised and hunger striking to break down their chains. A Palestinian national soccer team member Mahmoud Sarsak, 25, has been on hunger strike for 80 days, since March 15. Sarsak was captured at a checkpoint on his way to participate in a national team contest in the West Bank. This was July 2009. Since that date, he has been held without trial and without charges and was banned from family visitations just like all detainee’s families in Gaza who have been denied their right to visit their beloved ones in Israeli jails since Shalit’s imprisonment. Mahmoud Sarsak is dying but the sport world and the international community in general is barely paying any interest! I pray for him to stay strong and be optimistic that a dawn will come soon bringing his freedom!

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